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The help section of the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative Projects Map application explains the different functionnalities of the map application.

Buttons and controls

Type tabs

On the left side of the map, five tabs are available to filter the information on the map. Selecting one of these buttons will hide projects of other types.

Projects per country or province form

This form can be used to show information about countries and projects without the help of the interactive map. Selecting a country and, for Canada, a province shows a table containing all the available information about the projects located in the chosen country. The map will automatically select and zoom to the selected country.
This table is also available when clicking on a country on the map.

Map Navigation


To pan through the map, click on any area of the map and drag the mouse.


There are three ways to control zoom on the map.

  • Use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom in and out.
  • Use the controls on the bottom center of the map to choose a zoom level.
  • Double-click on a point of the map to zoom in.

View the list of projects of a country

Colored countries contain projects. To view the names of these projects, hover over a colored country with the mouse. A popup will appear, containing the names of the projects for that country.
Click on a country to select it. The information popup will stay in place and the names of the projects can be clicked on to view more information about one of them.

View the information of a particular project

When zoomed in enough, it is possible to see icons on countries containing projects. Clicking or hovering over one of these icons will show a popup containing the information about a specific project.

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